Like The Trees…

My front porch looking out-BLESSED!

Today as I look out the window onto my front porch I am in awe of the simple beauty. The big, blue and open sky and the many trees who are standing tall after the storms.

I am like the trees.

I have walked through many storms…

  • mental and emotional abuse
  • anxiety and depression
  • medical issues
  • infertility
  • loss

…but I am still here and I’m still standing strong, just like those trees.

My root system is expansive and deep, with God at the center of that system. The people I choose to surround myself with in my darkest moments help to grow those roots, help to keep them watered.

I am stronger for the pain I have been through, the roots more embedded than I ever could have imagined.

Today I am thankful.

Today I take in the beauty.

Today I am different.

The improved version of yourself begins with one different element—a different reaction…a different word…a different routine…a different perspective…a different investment…a different choice.


Try one different element. It might just be the start of a better way of life.

from “Only Love Today” by Rachel Macy Stafford