Military Brat life…and no I wasn’t an actual brat.

Okay, so my older brothers may disagree with the title and say that I actually was a brat when I was younger-but that’s for another day and another post!!

Most of you reading this will already know about the things I’m about to share.  As fellow military brats you have experienced a lot of it right alongside of me-this will be a walk down memory lane for you.  I’m really writing this for the non-brat people out there. I’m hoping this may give you some insight into why I (and the more collective we) are the way we are.

Let me also say this topic will span many, many posts and probably not in any kind of particular order-because that’s how I roll.   So strap in for the long haul y’all 🙂


Vesuvius Naples, Italy


So let me first say-I led a slightly less crazy military brat life (hereafter referred to MB life) than most people. After being born in Naples, Italy and spending a few years in Gaeta, Italy (a seaside town just north of Naples) we moved to Virginia Beach, VA for a few years and then headed back to Naples. I was just 6 years old when we returned to Bella Napoli-we would stay there until I was 18!!


Yes, you read that correctly, I spent  1st grade through 12th grade in the same school.  This is UNHEARD of for MB life, usually you are moving every 2-4 years.

“You are so lucky you didn’t have to move so often!”

“At least you got to put down roots.”

“You got to go to the same school-got to know the teachers-WOW!”


I’ve heard it all:

  • I didn’t really experience military life
  • I was privileged to know a “hometown”
  • I didn’t know the upheaval of moving all the time

To all of that I say Bullshit!

*I made friends-good friends-to watch them leave just 3 years later

*I created bonds with adults at church and school who then proceeded to leave me when their orders, or their spouses, were up.

*I had to form new relationships with doctors, often too, they seemed to cycle out of the hospital every year or two.


So yes, I may have been able to put roots down.  However, those roots were still affected year after year.

Now let me re-focus.  I’ve just made it seem like those MB life years of my life were horrible.  Quite the opposite-I was able to do so much while living overseas.  I’ve been at a Papal audience at the Vatican-two of them actually!  I’ve skied the Swiss Alps.  In fact I skied one particular run that started in Switzerland and ended in Italy (it was seriously the coolest)!!  I have walked the base of a volcano-the one pictured above, and seen first hand the destruction it made years before.  I’ve been to towns by the by the name of Hamburg, Frankfurt, Stuttgart, Positano, and Alberobello.  I have walked up to the top of the Tower of Pisa and also between the coastal towns of Cinque Terre. I have gazed up at Big Ben and walked in front of Buckingham Palace while imagining I was a princess within its walls.  Most of this was done before I even turned 16!

I am beyond grateful for the life I was able to lead growing up as a military brat.  It taught me many life lessons that I still rely on today.  There were also some really, really tough parts though and they also play a big role in who I am.