Who Am I?

It’s the age-old question isn’t it-but do any of us ever actually know the answer? What I do know is what makes me-where I have come from and that seems to give me insight into the answer to the question.

I am first a daughter, a military brat to be exact. Born and raised in Naples, Italy and soaked in European culture for the first 18 years of my life. I loved almost every single minute of it…more on that part of my life later.

I am a Christian; however, I am NOT perfect. I find myself asking for forgiveness more days than not. Every day is a reminder that my faith is larger than any obstacle put in my path. My marriage overcomes these obstacles all the time because God is in the center of it.

I am a wife-twice married and once divorced. I have been cheated on and I have been lied to. I have been brought to my knees with anxiety and had to fight to re-gain my self-worth. I have also been shown what true love is, been given respect and been built up and supported by my partner. I have been treated as an equal and reminded daily that I am worth more than I had ever thought I was.

I am a step-momma, and it hasn’t been an easy road by any means. We are more alike than either of us would like to admit, so we butt heads like a couple of fighting bulls most days. Yet I would do anything for her-she may or may not know that-but I would.

I am a God-mom to three beautiful babies. They could ask me for the moon and I would do all that I could to reach into the starry sky and bring it down for them. I have been trusted to always lift them in prayer-to be sure that they always know God’s love for them. They have taught me so much-and I am so thankful that their parents have chosen me for this role.

I am all these things and so much more. Each story from my past and each moment of my present continue to shape me into who I am today. I am constantly evolving and so I welcome you on this journey of self-discovery with me.

Photo by: Kaylee Labor Photography